• Collect various Artifacts and combine them for one single NFT
  • Exclusive and Standard NFT variations
  • Premium NFTs can also be acquired using gemstones collected by playing the game
  • NFT boosters will grant a limited-time boost to runner’s abilities
  • Game Character can be upgraded using NFT skins from GoFungbiles Marketplace

Game Overview

  • Every Character has one prominent ability (Projectile) and one versatile secondary ability (damage shield, water puddle, etc.)
  • Diverse categories of obstacles
  • Game levels with a unique visual style
  • Multiplayer mode

Gems Collection

Sapphire + Diamond + Ruby + Opal

Use Gems to boost the powers making it easier to pass the hurdle

Players can utilize Gems to restart the game from the same position

Various Gems collections can be used to customize your character before starting the game

Players can also buy Gems from the in-game marketplace using XP earned by playing the game

Game Powers