GoFungibles is a gamer's focused platform. It's a blend of a play-to-earn multiplayer mobile runner game and an NFT marketplace with conventional and gamer-focused features.

Most current games are auto-battlers that do not require actual user interaction. With GoFungibles we are mixing the conventional gameplay mechanism which would require a player's skill, time, and effort with a simple yet highly organized play-to-earn mechanism.

GoFungibles game is a feature-packed endless runner game with both single and multiplayer modes. In addition, players can earn in-game currency, utilized for several upgrades such as abilities, powers, weapons, speed, shield, etc. The in-game currency will be exchangeable with $GFTS using price oracles.

Every character will be an NFT asset. These character NFTs can be upgraded by utilizing $GFTS to gain a competitive advantage over other players.

The environment is detailed and full of interactive items. Each game level is carefully crafted to offer unique visual styles that are pleasing to the eye. In addition, levels have diversified obstacles that the characters must jump over, slide under or dodge to survive.

Game levels have various artifacts in abundance that players can collect. These can be later combined to accumulate a unique NFT.

There will be a multiplayer mode where you can compete against other players. The outcome of the match will be decided by your skill and power level of the character. $GFTS will be used as an entry fee for the match, and the winner will get to keep the major portion of the reward pool. The loser of the match will not lose everything, but they will also get a small percentage of the initial match fee back.

We will release the Alpha version to the community by December, gather their feedback, improve the game based on that feedback and then launch a demo version with P2E and Multiplayer modes in Q1-2022.

We are trying our best to launch the single-player mode with P2E before the multiplayer so that our community can start earning rewards as soon as possible.

We will launch on Android first but at the same time work for an IOS launch. But non-android users will still be able to play this game via android emulators on a PC

  • players will be able to utilize $GFTS to upgrade their characters, thus gaining an advantage over other players.
  • $GFTS can be earned just by playing the game too, so the more you play, the more you earn and the higher the chances of upgrading your character's power levels.
  • $GFTS will also be used to buy gemstones (these can also be earned by playing the game), the stones will be used to customize the overall look of your character.
  • We are bringing in-game ads to our game, players will be able to buy ad spaces using $GFTS. These are not video ads, we will allocate banner spaces for static ads on buildings in the game, so they don’t interfere with gameplay.
  • $GFTS will also be required to participate in Multiplayer mode

All the utilities of our token and the unique features of its NFT characters will make the community loyal to the project and in the long run, they will hold our tokens as we further prove the concept with additional games, original artists,s and many new features in the time to come.

yes, we are looking into multiple options to decide on what best way to utilize them. Selling them as NFTs would be one, either permanently or for a limited amount of time. Everything will be done via smart contracts so it would remove the need of doing anything manually.

We are planning to create a multiverse where other gaming projects can join and launch their NFTs. We will announce our 1st partnership with a studio that is building a AAA shooter game for PC. Our multiverse NFTs will be useable in projects that are a part of that multiverse.

We will also launch a feature called NFT leasing which would allow you to lease our character NFTs to third parties if you do not have time to play the game anymore. Everything will be done via a smart contract to make sure that the NFT is returned to the original owner at the end of the leasing period. That way they will play the game for you and you both will earn an equal percentage of the match rewards.

The rest of the features will include NFT staking, Fractionalized NFTs, community chat rooms, donations to your favorite artists, NFT collateralized Lending, and borrowing.

We have released the 1st version of our whitepaper available at gofungibles.com for anyone to see and learn more about the features mentioned above.

Alongside the features, we have also partnered with Ongrid solution for a bi-directional NFT bridge. Using that bridge anyone would be able to port their NFTs onto our platform and trade them with gas fees 10x less than they would normally pay.

We will utilize multiple ways for leasing, fixed price will be one of them. It would all depend on how much you are willing to pay to the NFT owner from the match earnings. The percentage will vary depending on if any fees have been paid upfront. We will deploy a calculator which would allow you to calculate all the factors before entering into a contract with the NFT owner.

Every feature will be available for both METARUN and verified NFTs listed on our marketplace.

Verification of the NFTs will be done via a DAO voting system. NFT price discovery is a huge barrier for any project, so we decided to involve our community to vote on the worth and originality of said NFT with voting power. $GFTS will be staked to earn that voting power.

So you could say that the GoFungibles platform is community-run and by using $GFTS our users can shape the future of the platform (Game and the marketplace)

We have onboarded LUNAPR for marketing, we will hire regional agencies to target specific Language speaking countries. We have also in process of onboarding 50 + top-tier influencers. We will conduct our IDO on multiple platforms such as DAO maker. After the TGE the token will be listed on multiple exchanges.

We are also partnering with a few well-known celebrities with different backgrounds and following.

Seed round was successfully conducted. We received investment from top-tier VCs such as Nakheel capital. Pvt1 and Pvt 2 are currently ongoing and we are taking soft commitments for both. We are receiving extremely positive feedback from investors and we will start confirming and closing our rounds soon. We are hoping to close the rounds by the 20th of November and the IDO in the first week of December.

We are utilizing polygon for free NFT minting to start with. Lazy minting will be adopted for main-net minting so the seller will never have to pay for the minting and listing their NFT assets.

It will be 1v1 to start with, but we will keep exploring ways to introduce more players in a single match.

For now the customization will be kept to NFT characters only. We are working on a few other options to see which would work best for the gameplay and its environment