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Chief Executive Officer

CEO of GoFugibles, worked in the real commodity trading and financial world for the past 11 years. Graduated from law school, building his thesis on commercial law and finance instruments. Worked for the LME stock exchange and was an advisor for some of the top EU metals suppliers.

Been investing and trading in crypto since 2018. Big fan of crypto, NFTs, and DeFi. During my last year in the financial world, I noticed a significant shift from traditional banking to crypto markets and crypto services. My contacts, traders, and other crypto enthusiasts I managed to build in my working experience are now the new believers in crypto, being the future of finance happening just now

Co-founder and COO at GoFungibles. Gaming Enthusiast, passionate, and extremely curious about Blockchain and NFT technology. I have been a gamer most of my life and involved in crypto gaming, trading, and DeFI projects since 2017. At GoFungibles, I am actively committed to the day-to-day operations of the NFT marketplace and game development


Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer


Chief Marketing Officer

Everything Martina is passionate about is digital. She believes in her ability to make the world a smaller, better place by connecting people on social media under brand campaigns and by creating online communities with causes. She's been involved with the digital marketing and community management industry for ten years and has seen its growth from nascent days to the present. As a result, she is well versed in the field and knows precisely what it takes to grow a business

Martina is an entrepreneur and owner of the digital marketing agency Snajka de Madre. In her free time, Martina runs an animal aid foundation #NahraniPsa (#FeedTheDog). When Martina is not on screen, she likes to eat tacos.

An ACMA, CGMA, CFP, he has 9+ Years of Experience in Finance, Management, Investment Banking and Portfolio Management. He has been on the board of various companies and has experience in Risk Advisory and External Audit of Companies and MNCs.

Ruskin has previously worked at India infoline Ltd. as a senior manager in the premia-AUM division. His expertise lies in portfolio management and funds management by identifying, assessing, quantifying, and mitigating risk while creating adequate opportunities for sound investments.


Chief Financial Officer


Research Analyst

Having demonstrated a distinct skill set in research, Alexi offers unique utilitarian insights to GoFungibles. He graduated summa cum laude in a ‘Blockchain & Digital Currencies’ MSc. Alexi has contributed to research for UNIC, UCL, the Cambridge Center for Alternative Finance, and the European Union Blockchain Observatory. His prominent insights on the NFT landscape as a practitioner and as a researcher continue to help shape the underlying ideation of concepts at GoFungibles.

Alexi has recently co-authored a paper on NFTs for the European Union Blockchain Observatory, which is expected to receive a broader policy-related audience. He is also a research fellow at the Digital Euro Association, a Global Panelist for MIT Technology Review, and an Ascend Select Member (Advisory Council) for A Harvard Business Review