About GoFungibles

A prodigious blend of conventional NFT marketplace, play-to-earn mobile game, and a gateway for accessing DeFi markets and NFT backed capital. By gamifying distinct DeFi activities like yield farming and staking on the platform, GoFungibles aims to increase the liquidity of digital assets and give users access to a spectrum of new DeFi options while providing an intuitive front end-user experience.

GoFungibles will address contemporary issues such as illiquidity, fragmentation, and high gas fees while diminishing entry barriers plaguing the NFTs market.


State-of-the-art NFT marketplace equipped with all the features of existing NFT marketplaces but augmented with DeFi features such as staking, standard and gamified yield farming/staking, game NFT leasing, and much more. In the future, we aim to expand the DeFi functionalities to offer NFT-collateralized lending and other financial instruments that underwrite NFTs.

Play and Earn

Fun and addictive mobile runner game featuring high-end graphics, smooth gameplay, crypto economy, and NFT digital assets.

Play and level up your NFT characters in either single-player mode or test your skills by competing against other players in multiplayer mode while earning rewards such as in-game currency and rare NFTs.

Notable Features

Other Features

Free Minting

A way for the layman/average user to create and mint an NFT with any media piece for free. GoFungibles will address high gas fees issues by adopting layer two solution Polygon(Matic) and Lazy minting for Ethereum


Token holders get voting rights on platform changes, community proposals, and NFT approvals


Transactions secured via decentralized smart contracts and NFT metadata will be stored using IPFS


Allows users to claim a percentage of sale value from every future re-sale of their NFTs

Token Economics

Token Utility

$GFTS is our Utility and Governance token. It will be available to buy from various exchanges or earned from within the mobile game by converting in-game currency to $GFTS.

  • Facilitator: Facilitates numerous activities on the platform and in the game.
  • Governance: Voting rights on platform changes, community proposals, and approvals of credible stores, their collections, and unique NFTs.
  • Featured NFTs: Sellers can utilize $GFTS to promote and feature their NFTs.
  • DeFi: $GFTS can be utilized for various DeFi activties on the platform.
  • Mobile game: Players can utilize $GFTS to buy in-game items at discounted prices and upgrade their NFT characters.

Our Roadmap

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